November 18, 2006


Freedom is a state of mind. Everyone has a basic goal, whether it is fortune, happiness, or contentment, we are on paths to obtain these goals. These trails will intertwine with other peoples paths as we all try to find ourselves. The decisions we make will affect others and in whole, contribute to all paths. These feelings and decisions fit into a huge design that has been predetermined, therefore making freedom only a state of mind. Fame and fortune is often the enemy of freedom because it is too easy to lose ourselves in the hunt to find or keep, while both elude us. We do have the ability to feel in control of our own life. It is necessary to continue to grow. Ultimately it is upon ourselves we rely to achieve our ends. If we allow ourselves to be paralyzed by the fear of defeat, defeat will pounce on easy prey. To grow, learn, and better ourselves as individuals are not within the power of others to negate. In our lives, we sometimes become locked into certain molds set for us; by others, by ourselves. These molds are not permanent. It is important to realize that the worst prisons are the prisons we create for ourselves, within our own minds. Before we can live in true physical freedom, we must live in true mental freedom. The obstacles of discovering ourselves and taking control of our life are important to living a complete and full life. Even though life is following a path that has been provided to make everything work, the feeling of freedom is something we must allow ourselves to live confidentially.
Pre-determinism is a comforting belief, although it leaves no room for miracles. The idea of giving control to a higher power is nice, but it also gives insight on how much fear people have when they know they are responsible for their own actions. Determinism is a theory that all events, including human decisions, are completely determined by previously existing causes. The present state of the universe is the effect of its previous state and the cause of the state that follows. If a mind could know all laws and all forces operating in nature and the respective positions and momentum of all its components, it could thereby know with certainty the future and past of every entity. If we were to step outside ourselves and attempt to see our fate laid out, there is no certainty that one could change their future from knowing it. There are potentially many levels of circumstances that could take you off track. The thought of an infinite amount of parallel dimensions for every decision that is made is a possibility. If that is true, then there is more than one of us acting in another plane differing from us by one decision we have made in our life.

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